Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sustainable eco-friendly Printed and Woven Cotton Labels

Eco Friendly Labels for Clothes

Eco friendly labels are the best way to communicate about the concept of your eco and nature-friendly products. Cotton labels are 100% natural fabric labels; they are perfect earth-friendly fabric labels. They are lightweight, fine fabric features, and soft textured appearance. Both printed and woven cotton labels are becoming popular fabric clothing labels in fashion and apparel industry; fashion designers love cotton labels for its smooth, soft and beautiful natural colours and fully breathable fabric label features.

Cotton Fabric Labels

Cotton Fabric Labels are, exquisite 100% soft cotton threads, made by delicate weaving machine, to create cut and fashionable labels for children’s clothing. These unique and high quality, environmental-friendly cotton fabric labels can be made for brand designer labels, and wash care labels. We have a huge range of different cotton colour threads to create cute and fantastic kids clothing labels.

Start customized your cotton labels

Please send and attach your label design artwork (PDF file) on below email address to us, we will start customizing your eco-friendly cotton labels.
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