Thursday, 12 June 2014


Woven Labels

We offer woven garment labels of the following weave fabric structure qualities:
Sew in LabelsLabels
Sew in Labels
Taffeta woven label is a less density,  matte-finish, plain weave  fabric structure label.  It is the cheapest woven garment label. Most customers will use taffeta woven labels for care wash labels, size labels.
Woven taffeta labels
High definition ( also know as damask) woven label is a high density , matte-finish weave fabric structure quality label .  It is the most commonly used brand and designer woven garment label quality.
Damask woven labels
Satin woven label is a high density, slightly firm, silky, shiny finish woven label quality.  Most women designer brands, silky fabric garment will use this satin weave fabric label.
Satin woven labels
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